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BSc, MA, MSc, MEd

There are multiple education activities in the Institute. Firstly we have two Bachelor (BSc) trainings: Environmental Science and Geography. Geography BSc has two different professions namely "Regional and spatial development" and "Renewable energies". Environmental Science also possesses two professions (Waste management and Naturalist).
Secondly as teachers' education is the main profile of our College teachers' training is crucial for us as well. Now geography teachers are trained in two different systems:
• Teachers in the „Bologna System" dual cycle (MA) (2-5 terms) – students may attend it after graduation from a 6 term BSc or can join it with old college teacher degree
• Master of Education (MEd) (9-11 terms) – from 2013 a new program has been introduced where students may become geography teachers with combination of different other subjects
Finally a special Geography (MSc) training has been operated for four years. Its specializations are unique in Hungary (Regional manager, Resource and risk analyst).
Although these study programmes are taught in Hungarian, we have English courses every year mainly for ERASMUS students (mainly from Portugal and from the Netherlands). In the future it is planned to start the whole Geography MSc study programme in English for international students.
Beyond these dry facts some intangible factors must be stressed:
• The majority of our courses are held in small groups
• Practice is of primary importance
• As relatively small students groups are prevailing an effective mentoring system can be implemented in order to find for each and every student the proper mix of learning
• Students' success in labour market is our success in education
• Students are cared – we can adapt many agents to your demands


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