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Scientific Students’ Association at the Geography Department

The activity of the Scientific Students' Association at the Geography Department of Eszterházy Károly College can be traced since 1987. Before that time the scientific research, carried out by the geography students remained between narrow departmental scale. The list of supervisors in alphabetical order since 1987 is the following (the number of their students is in brackets):
1. Geology, physical geography
Árpád Dávid (65 students), Péter Pozder (2 students), Géza Tóth (1 student).
2. Social Geography
László Bodnár (1 student), György Kajati (4 students), Lívia Kürti (1 students), László Mosolygó (1 students), Csaba Patkós (7 students), Csaba Ruszkai (1 students).

The "birthday" of the Students' Geoscience Workshop, functioning within the Geography Department, have been the first of March in 2010. However the paleontological and applied geological research carried out by the students began at the beginning of the nineties.
Since that time the number of the scientific-essays is 60, submitted by 65 students at twelve different national conferences of scientific students' associations. Their results are the following: three first prizes, four second prizes, seven third prizes and ten extra-prizes.
The students regularly attend at different national and international workshops and conferences. Since the beginning of their scientific carrier the students submitted 45 publications. The number of students who received their PhD degree is four.

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