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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Eszterházy Károly College! While the Institute itself is relatively new, post-secondary education and research in the environmental sciences has been here for several decades, geography has a tradition of centuries in Eger.
Our website was designed to our globalized world, as a little "glocal" island. We will try to keep it as fresh as possible with the help of our students and staff. Since we do not have specialized services to online content, so please Dear Visitor, if you see somewhere in the out-of –date info in our site, feel free to warn us!
Dear Student of the present! We want this site to collects all kinds of useful stuff with which can help your professional development and advancement. Tomorrow paper issues are not yet included, but who knows ... We call all our dear students to help us keep fit the side - a special chapter is waiting for them (Images and absurdities from Students).
Dear visitors, Future Students! In chapter "Come here!" you will find what you can learn here, where can you work with the profession you got here and where can our graduated colleagues be found in the world. You can read what opportunities are offered for students to join our research projects even for serious salary.
Dear Former Students! Look into our site. A lot has changed since you got your diploma, but the memory of the old ETK / Ho Chi Minh / EKTF's still emanates from the walls. You are always welcome here!
Dear current and prospective partners! We do researchers and development within the framework of the Institute of half a dozen topics. Look around to see if your activities in cooperation with us will bring you more success!
I hope that our website will be useful and cause a lot of joy for our dear visitors!

Thank you for visiting us!

Csaba Patkós PhD, MeRSA
Head of Institute, assistant professor
30 April 2015

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