Department of Environmental Sciences and Landscape Ecology

last modification : 2015. június 09.

The history of the Department

The history of the Department extends back to 1980 when the Official Nature Conservation proposed to establish environmental and conservation educational center network in Hungary. The main aim of the network was formulated in the collaboration of professionals in environmental education and in the training of teachers. The first educational center working in higher education has been founded in Eger. It was organized by Imre Kárász Ph.D. the teacher at the Department of Botany in 1986. With the main aim of the educational center in Eger was established to coordinate the activities of the environmentalist students to promote the training of teachers in the field of environmental education. A few years later, the College in Eger and Szeged initiated the training of teachers of environmental studies. As Teacher of Environmental Protection has been received permission. The Environmental Group was formed at the College to organize this training in 1992 which has changed Department of Environmental Studies in the same year. Teacher of Environmental Protection started in 1992 by training of 19 students. The infrastructure of the Department had been developing from year to year in the framework of various projects. This enabled us to provide practice-oriented education of the students. The Department of the Environmental and Landscape Ecology name has been taken in 2006.

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