The Birth of an Institute…

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Two departments have been living side by side in the Eszterházy College, Eger. Department of Geography has existed since the middle of the 20th century. Sometimes existed as a lonely department, sometimes it was integrated with any of the related sciences (e.g. biology) in a common institute. Department of Environmantal Sciences is younger as it was born in the 1990s. Firstly it existed as a circle of friends, after as Environmental Group and finally it was institutionalized as a Department in 1992.
Department of Geography is alive in Eger since 1st September 1949. On the picture our former head of departments can be seen.


Károly Udvarhelyi (1948-1970)

    József Futó (1970-1977)

József Köves (1977-1980)


László Bodnár (1980-1991)

Péter Pozder (1991-2008)

Ilona Pajtók-Tari (2008-2014)

Imre Kárász – Funding Father of the Department of Environmental Sciences. He is still an active facilitator of the Institution (1992-2013)

The two departments were united in 2010 into the Institute of Geography and Environmental Sciences. The first director was Imre Kárász, he was replaced by Ilona Tari Pajtók in 2012. Nowadays Csaba Patkós is the leader.
In 2015 a new structure of departments was invented in the Institute. Nowadays there are three sub-units:
• Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, head: Csaba Patkós
• Department of Natural Geography and Geoinformatics, head: Ilona Tari Pajtók
• Department of Environmental Sciences and Landscape Ecology, head: János Mika


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