Collection of Hungarikum – Hungarian Values’ System

last modification : 2016. június 29.

„Natural environment” category – Beehive rocks and stone culture of Bükkalja Foothill Area

The Beehive stones and stone cultures of the Bükkalja Foothill Area is one of our most valuated area as „Natural environment" category in Collection of Hungarikum, in the Hungarian Values' System from 17th of June in 2016 in Hungary. Sándor Fazekas, Dr. Minister of Agriculture said that the Beehive stones and stone culture in the Bükkalja Foothill Area have got the Hungarikum title because of its unique natural environment.

We can summarize that the Beehive rocks and rock culture of the Bükkalja Foothill Area is a well definable landscape unit with complex physical and landscape geographical appearance, natural and cultural heritage, landscape historical and landscape economical unity in Hungary. The protection of this area and its heritage is very important and justifiable for the future in the North Hungary.


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