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The Geography Institutional Student Conference was held on 30 November 2016.

The Geography Institutional Student Conference was held on 30 November 2016.
Chairman of the Conference was Dr. Lászlo Lakatos associate professor, the committee members were Dr. Antal Tóth associate college professor András Rázsi research assistant and Dora Csontos third grade BSc student. Three students participated in the scientific contest.
Adam Bozó geography BSc student's research topic title was GIS-based habitat evaluation in the wine region of Eger. Consultant professor Dr. Richard Nagy research assistant.
The title of Szabolcs Balogh geography MSc student's presentation was Comparative analysis of landscape types using evaluation indicators in BAZ County. Supervisor professors: Dr. László Sütő associate college professor and Sandor Moljak institute engineer.

We are very pleased to report, this year was the first time that our foreign student, Ecuadorian-born Lenin Bastidas geography MSc student also participated in the Institutional Conference.
The title of his presentation was: The Monitoring of Changes of Land Use and Land Cover in Huancavelica, Peru Consultant: Dr. Zoltán Utasi associate college professor
The undergraduate research conference was an excellent opportunity for the most talented students to test their scientific skills, and we saw how they tried their wings.
We heard very high quality performances on that afternoon. I think we can agree that we do not have to worry about the future regarding the supply of workforce in domestic and international academic life. The 3 presenters proved that if you take time and energy to solve something, it will surely lead to a result.
After consideration, the Commission made a decision on places which are the following:
The best essay and presentation was the Szabolcs Balogh geography MSc student' lecture and his research topic. Second place was the Bozo Adam geography student's topic. While third place was the Lenin Bastidas geography MSc student's work.
Congratulations to the students and consultants and for all: We recommended all three presenters to the national round of Scientific Student Conference.


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