New selective waste management in the College

last modification : 2016. március 09.

It was placed many new and modern selective waste containers in the buildings of the College in 11th February.

It was placed by six person environmental bachelor (BSc) students and with the guidance of Tamás Misik teacher new and more recent selective waste metal containers in the educational and investigational buildings of the Eszterházy Károly College.

In the B, C, D, E, ÉK, F and finally in the G buildings were placed new 45 (6 pieces) and 100 liter (total 30 pieces) capacitable metal containers for the getting in of the plastic (yellow container), the paper (blue container) and the mixed household waste (grey container). In the Líceum four containers with high quality were placed in the downstairs and in the first floor to getting in the plastic and paper recycling waste.

We hope a good utilization and a clean waste composition!

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