Institutional Conference of TDK

2016-12-08 22:30:39

The Geography Institutional Student Conference was held on 30 November 2016.


2016-10-21 10:19:40

Researchers' Night offered exciting programs organized by the Department of Environmental Science and Landscape Ecology

Collection of Hungarikum – Hungarian Values’ System

2016-06-29 21:31:36

„Natural environment” category – Beehive rocks and stone culture of Bükkalja Foothill Area

Fieldtrip in Kömlő

2016-04-21 23:06:43

Third-year geographer students of the Eszterházy Károly University participated in a fieldtrip in the village of Kömlő on 25 March 2016.

9th geoweek

2016-04-14 22:41:40

9th geoweek in the College from 18th to 20th of April

New selective waste management in the College

2016-03-09 00:28:54

It was placed many new and modern selective waste containers in the buildings of the College in 11th February.

Dutch junior geography teacher visitors at the Institute of

2016-03-07 16:14:10

Eszterházy University is in bound up with the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). In every year some participants of the Teacher Training MA programme...

Environmental bachelor students taken a final examination

2016-03-07 16:11:25

Our environmental bachelor (BSc) students had taken a final examination successfully on 19th and 20th January of 2016.