Exotic bird is guest on the Eger-creek

2015-10-30 10:20:13

The mandarin duck inhabits again by the municipal stretch of the Eger-creek

A course of Sweden in Eger????????

2015-10-08 08:13:02

University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

Dr. Árpád Dávid in Cracow

2015-07-19 04:35:10

Dr. Árpád Dávid’s participation at the 31st IAS Meeting of Sedimentology in Cracow, Poland

Lecture of Prof. Dr. László Kordos

2015-07-04 22:55:14

Lecture of Prof. Dr. László Kordos for the Members of the Scientific Student’s Association of the Faculty of Science

Árpád Dávid at the Orfű Neogene Conference

2015-07-04 22:48:08


Geographer students at the 18th Hungarian Paleontological Co

2015-07-04 22:40:31


International conference presentation by Csaba Patkós PhD

2015-06-16 10:17:03


Dr. Árpád Dávid in Japan

2015-05-27 04:50:44

13th International Ichnofabric Workshop