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BirdLife Hungary, Bükk Local Group

MME is the leading non-profit, non-aligned (apolitical), charitable, nature conservation organisation in Hungary. The Society undertakes practical work to conserve Hungary's biodiversity based on sound scientific research. MME advocates effective conservation of birds and their habitats by government at a national and local level and supports this work through educational programmes and its membership, which is open to all who share its goals. MME works internationally as a member of the BirdLife International Partnership. Our society has achieved considerable success in the conservation of endangered species such as the Imperial Eagle, Saker, Red-footed Falcon and the Great Bustard. Our nature protection activities and the favourable change of the habitats helped the increase the population of numerous endangered bird species, saving a few from extinction in Hungary ( 




Address: 3304 Eger, Sánc utca 6.
Tel.: (36)20/358-5986
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