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Ours foundation Board of Trustees consists of three major, who is also a lecturer at the Department of Geography.

The AGRIA GEOGRÁGIA Foundation founded Gusztáv Rüll in 2009. Ours foundation Board of Trustees consists of three major, who is also a lecturer at the Department of Geography. In addition, the foundation has 3 permanent colleague and significant number of volunteers.
The foundation was created by the geography of education, research and applying. Accordingly, the aim of the Foundation - the Esterhazy Károly College, Faculty of Natural Sciences with close collaboration of the Geography Department - as follows:
- Raise the higher education of geography.
- Raise the interest in geography and support that.
- The life-long and life-wide learning dissemination with geography science help.
- The geography science values representation.
- Processing scientific of social development trends and risks.
- Uptake of the innovations and innovation-oriented approach.
- Contributing to local and regional human resource development.
- The geography of education, research and promote use of pursuant to the requirements of the European Union.
- The geography of other actors, in collaboration with other educational and research institutions.

Ours foundation already has experience in tender writing. Our Organisation has been given tenders in several times to the National Cooperation Fund (NEA) and the NGO Fund (NCTA) as well. Currently in progress a NCTA project which is called the Civil ABC Eger region. It is also important to note the foundation application successful to the TÁMOP project which is giving job three young persons.

In the foundation work has three groups. The volunteers, permanent staff and department staff (teachers and staff research assistant).
The foundation' Board of Trustees has three permanent members who all of the Eszterházy Károly Collage teachers, in addition to the president is the head of department. Furthermore two person have PhD and 1 person has professorial rank among the members. The expertise is clearly high level within the association. The permanent staff are the project managers and tender writers. We graduated from Eszterházy Károly Collage at geography BSc. Currently we are continuing our education at master course. All in all we have skills and awareness of geography world. During ours studies had project management subject. In addition we participated in other relevant projects. For example the Kárpátikum foundation organised a KEOP project which was a tender writing a project management program. All in all, we can say that we managed to acquire the skills and competencies in our studies that serve as a condition for the successful implementation of the project. Additionally, all of our employees have worked in some form of SROP project which is currently running, so all foundation members contribute to the successful implementation in this project. As for the volunteers, we can say that each study at department of geography, thus they are competent and well informed about the subject of this project. They are participate in the foundation and the department of geography life.

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