The Eger Regional Development Association

last modification : 2015. június 04.


The Eger Regional Development Association was founded in 2012 founded by the Agria Innoregion Knowledge Centre of the Eszterházy Károly College, 10 municipalities (Andornaktálya , Demjén , Eger , Egerszólát , Feldebrő , Felsőtárkány , Maklár , Novaj , Ostoros , Szarvaskő ) and 2 individuals .

The Association has the following objectives:
1. Preservation of natural and cultural heritage, enhancing the ability of rural self-sustaining , creating the social economy
2. Environmental and nature protection
3. Strengthening sub-regional cohesion
4. Employment. The provision of labour market services in the region

In the years since its establishment, the organization conducted a number of successful projects and has helped many students having their mandatory professional practices. In the 2014-8349 NCTA -C project the Association is a key partner to create the Eger Regional Civil Roundtable.


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